Delivering Customer Service to your customers is our guiding star

Siriusly. It's what we do.

We are available 24/7. Let us help deliver the best customer experience to your customer. We can answer your customer via Phone, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Delivering Customer Service to your customers is our guiding star

Siriusly. It's what we do.

We are available 24/7. Let us help deliver the best customer experience to your customer. We can answer your customer via Phone, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Services We Provide

Our menu of outsourced services is designed to help companies to become more operationally efficient. Siriusly. Let us help.

Let us help with your Customer Support

Customer Support

You have customers, they have questions. We can help provide answers no matter how they choose to engage; Phone, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Our teams will meet them where they are most comfortable and act as an extension of your brand.

Let us help with Technical Support

Technical Support

When power-cycling the router just doesn’t get the job done, we have support engineers that can troubleshoot with the best of them and get your customers back on track. Don’t worry if your procedures aren’t fully documented, we can help with that as well.

Let us help with your Call Center Services needs.

Call Center Services

Converting inbound callers into paying customers takes skill and know-how. We strongly believe that having top-shelf talent on the line makes all the difference. Our unique recruitment and delivery model allows us to spin up winning teams on short notice. It’s what we do. Let us help.

We'll help you with Customer Service Consulting

CX Consulting

We are customer experience enthusiasts at heart and love building out repeatable, sustainable, customer delighting processes. If you just need to get organized and have the teams in place to deliver support, we should talk. We don’t bite. Promise.

Let us help with your Seasonal Support

Seasonal Support

If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys and you find yourself struggling to match agent supply with ticket demand, let us help. One of our superpowers is in spinning up teams quickly and we always find work for quality agents once your season has concluded.   

Let us work your Back Office Support

Back Office Support

If your company is like most, your systems are a patchwork of homegrown and off-the-shelf solutions stitched together with “swivel chair” integrations. We can take the resulting manual repetitive tasks off your plate leaving your teams to do higher-value work.

Who We Serve

We partner with companies of all shapes and sizes. These, however, are some of our favorite types to work with.

Let us help you with your Start-Up

Early/Growth Stage Startups

We love working with startups. The idea of coming alongside really smart people as they set out to solve really big problems is cool for us. Becoming trusted advisors to scaling teams is our goal. You focus on your core mission and we can help with everything else.

Help setting up E-commerce venture

E-Commerce Companies

The key to any successful eCommerce business is happy, repeat customers.  We’ll bring our wealth of knowledge to every engagement and will deliver an incredible experience for your customers. You focus on driving orders and we’ll take care of the rest.

We help you with Telecommunication Industries.

Telecommunications Industry

The telecom industry is the beating pulse of technology, delivering fast connections and enabling endless possibilities. It’s the backbone of the digital age and essential for work, play, and connecting with others. We love the role we play in this dynamic and foundational industry.

Membership Organization

Membership Organizations

Membership has its privileges (as long as you can log in to your account). Much like eCommerce, happy members make healthy organizations. Don’t let supporting your member’s access to your portal detract from your mission and the great work that you do. Let us help. 

Solutions We Deliver

We offer a variety of service delivery options, all designed for our teams become an extension of your brand and delight your customers.

Tier-0 Consulting

Tier-0 is the ‘self-service’ or ‘ticket deflection’ component of any support strategy. Our Knowledge Architects can help you create, organize and present your knowledge base articles in a way that will leave your customers feeling empowered not frustrated.

Shared Services

This delivery model is our superpower. This is how Sirius was born. Our globally remote team of highly skilled and cross-trained agents supports multiple products and services 24/7. Since we have the team in place we can turn this service up in a matter of days.

Dedicated Team

Many of our customers start with Shared Services and as their business scales, spin out Dedicated Teams of agents already familiar with their products. Others, prefer to start by handpicking agents to work with on an exclusive basis. We’re fine with either. 

Our Story

The origins of Sirius Support and our unique service delivery model started when our co-founders, Craig Mills and Peter Fernandez, met while working for a US-based Private Equity firm. The company they worked for, ESW Capital, was on a buying spree, acquiring financially struggling SaaS companies, at a rate of at least one new company per week. 


Craig Mills, CEO / sirius customer service

Craig Mills


Experienced global services leader with a track record of improving team performance and customer satisfaction whilst also managing a P&L.

Peter Fernandez, COO / sirius customer service

Peter Fernandez


Strategic, operational leader with extensive customer experience design and business process improvement experience.

Our Story / sirius customer service


At the height of the project, Craig and Peter led multiple teams totaling 300+ FTE (working 100% remotely in a pre-COVID world) supporting an eclectic mix of 100+ unrelated software assets. During this period they perfected their ability to:

  • Recruit great support agents located around the world and cross-train them to support multiple products. 
  • Quickly capture documents, and publish product and process knowledge into a well-organized and easy-to-consume structure so agents can solve problems. 

Throughout the organization, there was a constant drive to reduce the cost of service delivery whilst improving customer satisfaction. This led to an ethos of continual process improvement, perpetual agent training, and an ingrained quality-first approach. All of the above was driven for the benefit of ESW Capital and its portfolio companies.


Having seen this framework deliver exceptional results in PE, in the summer of 2019, Craig and Peter decided to break out on their own by forming Sirius Support and took on the mission of disrupting the traditional outsourcing model. Today Sirius Support has 100+ agents on Shared Service teams (Global Remote & US Remote) and dozens more on dedicated teams supporting incredible companies around the world.


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