Our Customer Service Outsourcing Services

Siriusly. It's what we do.

You have customers, they have questions. We can help provide answers no matter how they choose to engage; Phone, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Our teams will meet them where they are most comfortable and act as an extension of your brand.

When power-cycling the router just doesn’t get the job done, we have support engineers that can troubleshoot with the best of them and get your customers back on track. Don’t worry if your procedures aren’t fully documented, we can help with that as well.

Converting inbound callers into paying customers takes skill and know-how. We strongly believe that having top-shelf talent on the line makes all the difference. Our unique recruitment and delivery model allows us to spin up winning teams on short notice. It’s what we do. Let us help.

We'll help you with Customer Service Consulting

CX Consulting

We are customer experience enthusiasts at heart and love building out repeatable, sustainable, customer delighting processes. If you just need to get organized and have the teams in place to deliver support, we should talk. We don’t bite. Promise.

Let us help with your Seasonal Support

Seasonal Support

If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys and you find yourself struggling to match agent supply with ticket demand, let us help. One of our superpowers is in spinning up teams quickly and we always find work for quality agents once your season has concluded.   

If your company is like most, your systems are a patchwork of homegrown and off-the-shelf solutions stitched together with “swivel chair” integrations. We can take the resulting manual repetitive tasks off your plate leaving your teams to do higher-value work.

Might want to get Sirius?
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