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Shared Support-as-a-Services (SSaaS)

Sirius offers a unique brand of Shared Support Services specifically designed for venture backed technology companies. We know and understand your challenges and offer a no-risk way to get plugged into our proven service delivery model. Best yet, your FREE 30-Day Trial can be up and running within days.

The beauty of our SSaaS model is that our teams come up to speed quickly with the primary focus of giving time back to your internal teams to do higher value work by taking away low value repetitive work. 

This work typically falls into three distinct buckets:


Every day, companies are contacted by customers for a variety of reasons through myriad channels. Our 24/7 team of live agents can monitor any or all of these channels and ensure inbound inquiries are received, inbound inquiries are received, categorized, and routed to the best-suited resource to handle the request. 

Think of this service as an “Omni-channel Receptionist” for your business.


We know that not all tickets are created equally. In our experience, anywhere from 20-40% of tickets handled by support organizations are quick, easy and repetitive resolutions. Often there are Jira stories buried in the backlog that will eliminate the need for your teams to handle these type inquires in the future. 

Until then, let us handle the easy ones and leave your internal team to work on tickets that require their skill and expertise.


If your company is like most, your systems are a patchwork of home grown and off the shelf solutions and are not fully integrated (yet). As a result, there are pockets of repetitive, non-value adding work (think data validation and re-entry, file manipulation and upload, etc.) that are necessary just to keep your systems in sync and teams aligned. Likely these tasks fall to multiple folks across multiple functions. 

Let us take this off their plates.

Shared Support-as-a-Service (SSaaS)



Let us handle the easy stuff and keep your teams focused on higher-value work.


Per Month
Billed Monthly

FREE One-month Trial

for venture-backed technology companies

  • Triage, tag and assign all inbound support requests via email or webform.
  • Resolve assigned tickets.
  • Complete assigned tasks.
  • Price includes up to 200 Resolved Tickets and/or Completed Tasks per month.
  • Additional Tasks and Tickets will be billed at $3.25 each.


Kick your CX up a notch by adding Live Chat Support for sales and/or support.


Per Month
Billed Monthly

FREE One-month Trial

for venture-backed technology companies

  • Everything in Essential Package
  • Provide Live Chat Support for customer service and/or pre-sales channels.
  • Price includes up to 500 Resolved Tickets, Completed Tasks and/or Chat Sessions per month.
  • Additional Tasks, Tickets & Chat sessions will be billed at $2.75 each.


Some customers just want to talk. Let our agents answer the call.


Per Month
Billed Monthly

FREE One-month Trial

for venture-backed technology companies

  • Everything in Advanced Package
  • Provide Live Voice Support for customer service and/or pre-sales phone lines.
  • Price includes up to 1000 Resolved Tickets, Completed Tasks, Chat Sessions, and/or Answered Calls per month.
  • Additional Tasks, Tickets & Chats will be billed at $2.25 each.
  • Additional Voice Support will be billed at $0.75 per minute.


The origins of Sirius Support and our unique Shared Support-as-a-Service model started when our co-founders, Craig Mills and Peter Fernandez, met while were working for a US-based Private Equity firm. The company they worked for, ESW Capital, was on a buying spree, acquiring financially struggling SaaS companies, at a rate of at least one new company per week. 


Craig Mills


Experienced global services leader with a track record of improving team performance and customer satisfaction whilst also managing a P&L.

Peter Fernandez


Strategic, operational leader with extensive customer experience design and business process improvement experience.


At the height of the project, Craig and Peter led multiple teams totaling 300+ FTE (working 100% remote in a pre-COVID world) supporting an eclectic mix of 100+ unrelated software assets. During this period they perfected their ability to:

  • Recruit great support agents located around the world and cross-train them to support multiple products. 
  • Quickly capture, document, and publish product and process knowledge into a well-organized and easy-to-consume structure so agents can solve problems. 

Throughout the organization, there was a constant drive to reduce the cost of service delivery whilst improving customer satisfaction. This led to an ethos of continual process improvement, perpetual agent training and an ingrained quality first approach. All of the above was driven for the benefit of ESW Capital and their portfolio companies.


Having seen this framework deliver exceptional results in PE, in the summer of 2019, Craig and Peter decided break out on their own by forming Sirius Support, and took on the mission of disrupting the traditional outsourcing model. Today Sirius Support has 100+ agents on SSaaS teams (Global Remote & US Remote) and dozens more on dedicated teams supporting incredible companies around the world.

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