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Our QA tools can set you up for success without breaking the bank.


While there are a variety of strategies you can use to grow your business, it’s critical that you measure what’s working and replicate it in every customer interaction. Quality is absolutely the number one trademark of every product and service. It is non-negotiable. But measuring quality comes with a price. With Sirius QA, you can drive growth through quality of work without breaking the bank.


Most ticket QA tools and processes focus on correctness and completeness while efficiency takes the backseat.  Sirius QA puts you in the driver’s seat with a partner who is the ultimate navigator in identifying and eliminating efficiencies. Nothing kills a business like unproductive time and effort.


Every QA tool in the market today highlights its ability to identify and correct human errors. But who says QA tools cannot set you up for success, too? With the knowledge base indicator and predictors, support agents can just focus on building connections with the customer as they resolve their issues. After all, delighting customers is still the bedrock of any successful business.

Features Designed For Growth

Sentiment Analysis

Do you want to know the emotional tone or opinion behind a body of text? Our tool is equipped to automatically mine this information to give you a good perspective of what your customers are talking about.

Spelling and Grammar

Well, nobody wants to misinterpret anything, especially when you’re talking about big technical words. Plus, who doesn’t want to sound professional?

Analysis per Keyword

Evaluate the tickets based on configurable keywords. If you want to sound like an expert who happens to be a cool one at the same time, that’s all up to you. Yes, you can customize keywords according to your brand.

Knowledge Base Validation

Your people could be new straight from training but with your knowledge base article and our automated usage validation process, you can be assured that your people have the right kind of support to face your customers.

Call-to-text Transcription

Let’s face it, whether you’re a native speaker of a language or not, having call transcripts available is just a luxury everybody should have!

Ticket Type Configuration

You can also easily set up the system validations per ticket type to allow more powerful and precise evaluations.

Google Sheet Native Connection

All raw results will be recorded to a Gsheet for review and reporting. No need for manual data collection.

Data Studio Report

The system provides a default report out of the box with several insights from the extracted data. You can surely deep dive but if you want simple and readily available, we got you covered!

Zendesk Connector

The system can connect to Zendesk and extract the data periodically thus keeping the reports always up to date. If you run a business, you know how critical this is in making big decisions whether it is for a process change or for hiring needs.

Generic CSV Connection

The system can also read data from a CSV file if you’d like to connect to any other CRM system. Yes, we thought about that, too.

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In 2023, Sirius Support opens its doors to provide great leverage for the business community to kick off the year right. With the launch of Sirius QA, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about expenses. Yes, you heard that right. You can use the product for free for a month and enjoy all the benefits when you sign up now.

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Sirius QA is the quality assurance software choice of leading organizations and its support clients.

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Sirius QA is the quality assurance software choice of leading organizations and its support clients.
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