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from $95 per month +

Pay for the number of tickets.

Pay per ticket. No Commitment. No Minimum Volume

Everything is included at no hidden cost!

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Outsourcing With us, you have more business flexibility. With fluctuating demands from your customers, we offer seasonal, dedicated, or shared agents.

Round The Clock Assistance

Our agents work around the clock and all across the globe. We give you coverage seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Personalize Interaction

A customized customer experience is provided to your customers by delivering personalized messaging. Did we mention that our agents are multilingual? Language is not a barrier to us! We do it all to provide your customers with the best customer experience. customers with the best customer experience.

Omnichannel Support

Our highly skilled agents will serve your customers wherever! We aim to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels with our Omni-Channel Support.

We support all major ticketing software and tools.

We’re able to serve all your channels: Chat, Emails, Messages, Social Media, and more…

Clients we worked with.


We support all major ticketing tools: Zendesk, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, Jira Service Desk, Servicenow, HelpScout, SalesForce and many more.

We support all your processes, even the most complex. These are some examples of processes we handle for our clients: order management, refunds, ID validation, subscriptions management, technical support, user management, social media moderation and many more.

Our agents are highly trained individuals from the best pool of talent located globally due to our remote nature. All of our agents are multilingual and able to serve your customer in their local languages to avoid any loss in translation.

No, you only pay monthly starting from as low as $95 per month + Pay for the tickets.  There’s no minimum volume required, no commitment, and no set-up fees.

We use a shared Slack channel to communicate. If you don’t use Slack, your account manager is always available via email or phone. You can track in real-time your costs and other useful statistics on your dashboard.

It’s simple! We set up an onboarding call with you (max 1.5h) and your account manager will ask you a list of questions to cover all important points, like your way of working and tone of voice. With all the answers you give us and your existing documentation (if you have some), your account manager will build your knowledge base. You can always edit it, anytime. After that, we train our agents and we’re up to speed in 48h. If there’s something we’re unsure of, we’ll be in touch right away to make sure everything is resolved as fast as possible.

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