Our Story

Our Story

The origins of Sirius Support and our unique service delivery model started when our co-founders, Craig Mills and Peter Fernandez, met while working for a US-based Private Equity firm. The company they worked for, ESW Capital, was on a buying spree, acquiring financially struggling SaaS companies, at a rate of at least one new company per week. 

The value of these acquired companies was in the customer subscriptions and support renewals. All other assets were stripped out, including all employees. Support and development resources from the acquired companies were only retained for 90 days from the letter of intent to purchase, which drove an urgency to ensure that 100% of all technical knowledge was captured to allow for ongoing customer and technical support.

Craig Mills

Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced global services leader with a track record of improving team performance and customer satisfaction whilst also managing a P&L.

Peter Fernandez

Co-Founder & CTO

Strategic, operational leader with extensive customer experience design and business process improvement experience.


At the height of the project, Craig and Peter led multiple teams totaling 300+ FTE (working 100% remote in a pre-COVID world) supporting an eclectic mix of 100+ unrelated software assets. During this period they perfected their ability to:

  • Recruit great support agents located around the world and cross-train them to support multiple products. 
  • Quickly capture, document, and publish product and process knowledge into a well-organized and easy-to-consume structure so agents can solve problems. 

Throughout the organization, there was a constant drive to reduce the cost of service delivery whilst improving customer satisfaction. This led to an ethos of continual process improvement, perpetual agent training, and an ingrained quality first approach. All of the above was driven for the benefit of ESW Capital and its portfolio companies.


Having seen this framework deliver exceptional results in PE, in the summer of 2019, Craig and Peter decided to break out on their own by forming Sirius Support and took on the mission of disrupting the traditional outsourcing model. Today Sirius Support has 100+ agents on Shared Service teams (Global Remote & US Remote) and dozens more on dedicated teams supporting incredible companies around the world.